2017 - November - Celebrating Our 30th Year Together


2017 - Our 30th Year

Photo courtesy of Shawn Fulton Photography.  Image used with permission.

Honouring 30 years of R.I.O.K.K .

The Regina Institute of Kempo Karate celebrated 30 years of traditional martial arts instruction during an anniversary gathering in November (2017). This weekend was made special by all those attending. Many of those attending traveled considerable distances to share in the festivities, as they now reside outside of Regina.

Current practitioners and those that came home to visit have all shared in what RIOKK has stood for over the years and what it will continue to stand for. Participants took time to train together and to reflect on the history of the club. It was also a time to remember the years training together and remembering those that will always be a part of us, but are sadly no longer with us.

The room was filled with students of all levels. Some students getting to train for the first time with instructors that inspired previous generations. This made for a room strong in honoring the past, the present and the future of RIOKK.

It was indeed a great weekend that was made even more special by our very special guest, Great Grand Master PerezMaster Perez was there when The Regina Institute of Kempo Karate began and still stands behind what we are about today. His inspiration and guidance has given us a journey of a lifetime!

We are truly humbled by those that have made a commitment to the past 30 years and to the anniversary to celebrate those years!

Stay strong!