2016-08-01- Update from Grand Master Harding

 August 2016 Update from Grand Master Harding:


Updated RIOKK Information - August 2016

Update August 2016- Attention Karate members:

August 2016 will be the last month of operation at this studio. Starting this September 1st   we will begin a new chapter in our history at our new location at 40 Dixon Crescent (Cornwall Alternative School). We will be renting their gym for our classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
We have enjoyed training in our current location and it is with deep regret that we have reached the decision to relocate.
The decision is purely based on a financial decision. Although we receive an incredible rate for this location, we are still renting a facility for 7 days a week and we only run classes 3 days a week.
There are many ways that martial arts can be financially successful. However, we have always strived to protect the integrity of a Tradition based program and certain financially viable programs can run contradictory to the very tradition that has made us who we are.
I am proud of the fact that every instructor at R.I.O.K.K. has always taught for the love of the art and has never received any financial recognition for their efforts! As instructors, the tradition that made us, will continue to be our focus and the only change will be a new facility.
It is sad to see our training come to an end at this location. However, that action will allow us to continue be who we are. We will never be the biggest and there are so many that already “are the best” - - - we will simply continue to be us!
We are The Regina Institute Of Kempo Karate and we build a stronger individual through the study and comprehension of a martial art!
Thank you for your support!


(Grand Master Harding)