2008-10-05 Black Belt Promotions


Mr. Richard Thiele Honoured; Mr. Darcy Thiele, Mr. McAuley, Mr. Punshon, Mr. Peers Promoted.

Sunday, October 5, 2008 was a significant day for RIOKK and for Shao-lin Kempo in Saskatchewan.  The ceremonies of the day were the culmination of a great deal of consideration, effort, planning, and testing in the previous months.

Ceremonies began with the Mr. Darcy Thiele bestowing the rank of second dan on Mr. Punshon and Mr. Peers.  Next Grand Master Harding honoured Mr. McAuley with the rank of third dan.  Finally, Grand Master Harding entrusted Mr. Darcy Thiele with the rank of fourth dan.

In the final ceremony of the day, Grand Master Harding spoke to the loss of Mr. Richard Thiele, who was taken from us much too early, in February of 2008.  Master Harding paid tribute to Richard's virtues as a human being, to his humility, and to his formidable talents as a martial artist.  He then bestowed the posthumous honour of "Master" upon Mr. Thiele, presenting a belt symbolizing this promotion to members of the Thiele family.  Next, black belts revealed a commemorative wall plaque created by Mr. Peers (woodwork) and Laurel Cozart (stained glass).  Finally, Master Harding challenged everyone in attendance to honour Richard's memory by striving to live up to his standards of self-improvement.

The ceremonies were followed by a lunch provided by RIOKK members and the opportunity to visit and share memories of Richard.  More photos of the day may be found here.


Ms. Berrns, Mr. & Mrs. Thiele Admire Commemoratvie Plaque

Ms. Berrns, Mr. and Mrs. Thiele admire the commemorative plaque


RIOKK & CKKC Black Belts

Back Row:  Mr. Knight (1st Dan), Mr. Deobald (1st Dan), Ms. Berrns (1st Dan), Mr. Ianetto (1st Dan), Grand Master Harding (8th Dan)
Front Row: Mr. Peers (2nd Dan), Mr. Punshon (2nd Dan), Mr. McAuley (3rd Dan), Mr. Darcy Thiele (4th Dan)


Mr. Peers, Master Harding

Mr. Punshon, Master Harding

Mr. McAuley, Master Harding

Mr. Darcy Thiele, Master Harding