2007-05-06 Master Harding Promoted to 8th Dan

Congratulations, Master Harding, on Achievement of 8th Dan!

May 6th, 2007 was a significant day in the history of Shao-Lin Kempo in Saskatchewan.  Grand Master Rick Perez bestowed the rank of 8th Dan, and with it the title of Grand Master, on Master Greg Harding. For more pictures of the event, click here.

Grand Master Perez & Master Harding

Grand Master Perez & Master Harding

Black Belts - 2007

Back Row:  Mr. Doug Balkwell (1st Dan), Grand Master Rick Perez, Grand Master Greg Harding (8th Dan), Ms. Karen Berrns (1st Dan)
Middle Row:  Mr. Craig McAuley (2nd Dan), Mr. Richard Thiele (1st Dan)
Front Row:  Mr. Donald Knight (1st Dan), Mr. Cal Deobald (1st Dan), Mr. Glenn Peers (1st Dan) Mr. Darcy Thiele (3rd Dan)
Missing:  Mr. Kevin Punchon (1st Dan)