Regina Institute of Kempo Karate

Updated September 5th, 2023

We are back training! Classes run Tuesday/Thursday from 6:45-8:30 PM.  Doors open at 6:30 pm. Fall classes start Thursday, September 7th, 2023.

Welcome to the Regina Institute of Kempo Karate

Members of RIOKK train year-round under the guidance of Grand Master Greg Harding (8th Dan) and instruction and guidance of Mr. Darcy Thiele (5th Dan).  Currently, adult and teen classes are held twice weekly at RIOKK's training facility at 40 Dixon cres.

Please fill out the attached registration form (listed under FORMS) and bring it with you for the first class.



Photo courtesy of Shawn Fulton Photography.  Image used with permission.




RIOKK Contact Info

RIOKK Contact Info (as of Sept 5th, 2023)

40 Dixon Crescent, Regina, SK S4N 1S9

(306)537-3443 or (306)789-9179

RIOKK Calendar




RIOKK Classes & Fees

 Classes are available for all ages and fitness levels. Registration may be done prior to the first class (you may also print off the forms under FORMS) and bring it in with you.

Children (Beginner)
Intermediate/Teen/ Adult
Teens & Adults
6:45 to 8:30 pm
6:45 to 8:30 pm



Class Fees

Teens & Adults (Tuesday / Thursday sessions)

PAYMENT:  The Fee is $60.00/month which enables the student to attend Tuesday/Thursday classes and Saturday class. Payment is due the first of the month.   Payment may be made in the following ways:

* E-Transfer  (to Reminders will be sent out at the end of each month

* Cash (Due the first of each month)

 * Cheques (10 postdated cheques dated the first of each month)

  The club does not run during July/August and no fee required to retain a spot.


If interested, please come down to our club at 40 Dixon Ave and observe the classes. We strongly recommend you try a few classes before registering.



 These forms may be printed and brought to the first class.  

* VISA and MASTERCARD now accepted at the dojo*

Note the adult forms vs the children's forms.


Adult Registration Form with Media Release (PDF)

Children's Registration Form with Media Release (PDF)


December 2019 Update

Congratulations to our beginner and intermediate students - they have worked very hard and many received promotions in December of 2019.





2008-10-05 Black Belt Promotions


Mr. Richard Thiele Honoured; Mr. Darcy Thiele, Mr. McAuley, Mr. Punshon, Mr. Peers Promoted.

Sunday, October 5, 2008 was a significant day for RIOKK and for Shao-lin Kempo in Saskatchewan.  The ceremonies of the day were the culmination of a great deal of consideration, effort, planning, and testing in the previous months.

Ceremonies began with the Mr. Darcy Thiele bestowing the rank of second dan on Mr. Punshon and Mr. Peers.  Next Grand Master Harding honoured Mr. McAuley with the rank of third dan.  Finally, Grand Master Harding entrusted Mr. Darcy Thiele with the rank of fourth dan.

In the final ceremony of the day, Grand Master Harding spoke to the loss of Mr. Richard Thiele, who was taken from us much too early, in February of 2008.  Master Harding paid tribute to Richard's virtues as a human being, to his humility, and to his formidable talents as a martial artist.  He then bestowed the posthumous honour of "Master" upon Mr. Thiele, presenting a belt symbolizing this promotion to members of the Thiele family.  Next, black belts revealed a commemorative wall plaque created by Mr. Peers (woodwork) and Laurel Cozart (stained glass).  Finally, Master Harding challenged everyone in attendance to honour Richard's memory by striving to live up to his standards of self-improvement.

The ceremonies were followed by a lunch provided by RIOKK members and the opportunity to visit and share memories of Richard.  More photos of the day may be found here.


Ms. Berrns, Mr. & Mrs. Thiele Admire Commemoratvie Plaque

Ms. Berrns, Mr. and Mrs. Thiele admire the commemorative plaque


RIOKK & CKKC Black Belts

Back Row:  Mr. Knight (1st Dan), Mr. Deobald (1st Dan), Ms. Berrns (1st Dan), Mr. Ianetto (1st Dan), Grand Master Harding (8th Dan)
Front Row: Mr. Peers (2nd Dan), Mr. Punshon (2nd Dan), Mr. McAuley (3rd Dan), Mr. Darcy Thiele (4th Dan)


Mr. Peers, Master Harding

Mr. Punshon, Master Harding

Mr. McAuley, Master Harding

Mr. Darcy Thiele, Master Harding


2015-05-26 Brown Belt Promotions


Brown Belt Promotions - May 26th, 2015

The club joined together on May 26th in order to support four RIOKK members who were testing for their brown belts.

Regina members were joined by members from the sister clubs who agreed to be a part of this important event. The testing process allowed these members to highlight their skills in a variety of areas, including a demonstration of learning, where they spoke to a significant moment, event or skill that helped to mould them as a martial artist.

At the end of the evening, Jaimie Deobald, Jocelyn Skogberg, Derek Seeley and Cornelia Spottek were promoted to brown belt.  Congratulations to these martial artists!

Below: The new RIOKK brown belts.


Below: Kempo black belts celebrate with the new RIOKK brown belts.


2016-08-01- Update from Grand Master Harding

 August 2016 Update from Grand Master Harding:


Updated RIOKK Information - August 2016

Update August 2016- Attention Karate members:

August 2016 will be the last month of operation at this studio. Starting this September 1st   we will begin a new chapter in our history at our new location at 40 Dixon Crescent (Cornwall Alternative School). We will be renting their gym for our classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
We have enjoyed training in our current location and it is with deep regret that we have reached the decision to relocate.
The decision is purely based on a financial decision. Although we receive an incredible rate for this location, we are still renting a facility for 7 days a week and we only run classes 3 days a week.
There are many ways that martial arts can be financially successful. However, we have always strived to protect the integrity of a Tradition based program and certain financially viable programs can run contradictory to the very tradition that has made us who we are.
I am proud of the fact that every instructor at R.I.O.K.K. has always taught for the love of the art and has never received any financial recognition for their efforts! As instructors, the tradition that made us, will continue to be our focus and the only change will be a new facility.
It is sad to see our training come to an end at this location. However, that action will allow us to continue be who we are. We will never be the biggest and there are so many that already “are the best” - - - we will simply continue to be us!
We are The Regina Institute Of Kempo Karate and we build a stronger individual through the study and comprehension of a martial art!
Thank you for your support!


(Grand Master Harding)


2016-16-04 Mr Peers Achieves Third Dan

 Congratulations to Mr Peers who achieved his third degree black belt.

2017 - May - Beginner / Intermediate Promotions


May 2017 - Beginner / Intermediate Promotions

Congratuations to our Intermediate students, many of whom were promoted from green stripe to a full green belt, and from orange stripe to orange belt!  These students have worked very hard to improve their skills.

The beginner students have also been working hard to improve.  One of the most challenging aspects for beginning students is learning to control the body and to understand how in the traditional martial arts, the focus is on mind, body and spirit.  We are very proud of our beginner and intermediate students.



2017 - November - Celebrating Our 30th Year Together


2017 - Our 30th Year

Photo courtesy of Shawn Fulton Photography.  Image used with permission.

Honouring 30 years of R.I.O.K.K .

The Regina Institute of Kempo Karate celebrated 30 years of traditional martial arts instruction during an anniversary gathering in November (2017). This weekend was made special by all those attending. Many of those attending traveled considerable distances to share in the festivities, as they now reside outside of Regina.

Current practitioners and those that came home to visit have all shared in what RIOKK has stood for over the years and what it will continue to stand for. Participants took time to train together and to reflect on the history of the club. It was also a time to remember the years training together and remembering those that will always be a part of us, but are sadly no longer with us.

The room was filled with students of all levels. Some students getting to train for the first time with instructors that inspired previous generations. This made for a room strong in honoring the past, the present and the future of RIOKK.

It was indeed a great weekend that was made even more special by our very special guest, Great Grand Master PerezMaster Perez was there when The Regina Institute of Kempo Karate began and still stands behind what we are about today. His inspiration and guidance has given us a journey of a lifetime!

We are truly humbled by those that have made a commitment to the past 30 years and to the anniversary to celebrate those years!

Stay strong!


2017 - Our 30th Year - Update


Please find attached the most recent news update with dates, times and locations of upcoming classes.

Updated RIOKK Information - January 2017

Happy New Year!   2017 here we come…

Every year that ends, marks the beginning of a new year. “Out with the old and in with the new,” is a family tradition that I say each New Year’s Eve. This year we welcomed 2017 the same way, just like any other year. However, 2017 is not just another year in the history of The Regina Institute Of Kempo Karate, as 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of R.I.O.K.K..

Now the obvious fact is that you can’t have 30 years pass without getting a bit older. Even Master Thiele may need to adjust his age to match.  When we started I had hair and both my hips. None of us could have predicted that we would still be kicking 30 years later. I’m not sure we even believed we would make a year, but we did and we made a few more after that.

Great Grand Master Perez knew we would make it. He believed that we could keep his system of Kempo alive. More than that, he believed that there was a need for it. A need to keep tradition alive and yet still be skilled in defending oneself in the world of today, and the days that follow.  Days turn to years and throughout those years we trained and trained with some amazing people. Each and every person made it possible for us to continue.

Looking back, I am filled with a combination of pride and sorrow. The obvious, is pride in seeing so many great people do great things in their lives. The sorrow, for the ones that did great things, but left us way before they should have! But they did not leave before they had a chance to influence what our club has become. Regardless of the belt they wore, when they trained, they are our Past Masters! Without them, we would not be what we are.

We are the now and that is 30 years of history with some new blood mixed in and together we will forge the future.  This future, one that cannot yet be written, shows as much potential as we did 30 years ago. Perhaps even greater things will happen and happen because of you!

I hope that each of you know how important you are to our system. That is why I want everyone to make every class in 2017. Attend to celebrate today. Attend to honour our past.  Most importantly we will attend to forge the future!

After all, what good is it to have made 30 years if we don’t strive to have 30 more?

2017 our 30th year. Be with us in mind, body and spirit!

The Regina Institute Of Kempo Karate - - - 30 years later and we are still - - - building a stronger individual through the study and comprehension of a martial art!

2017 New Year’s Resolution:

I will attend every class!

I will be first onto the floor!

I will be the last off the floor!

Pre class: I challenge every R.I.O.K.K. member to arrive and start training at 6:30.

Post class: I challenge every R.I.O.K.K. member to train until 8:30.

Class is 6:45 – 8:15. Show your dedication and commitment to the art in what you do pre and post class



2019-06-27 - Blue Belt Promotions


Congratulations to our new RIOKK blue belts! (June 27th, 2019)


2019-11-30 Beginner / Intermediate Promotions


Congratulations to our beginner and intermediate students - they have worked very hard and many received promotions in December of 2019.





2007-05-06 Master Harding Promoted to 8th Dan

Congratulations, Master Harding, on Achievement of 8th Dan!

May 6th, 2007 was a significant day in the history of Shao-Lin Kempo in Saskatchewan.  Grand Master Rick Perez bestowed the rank of 8th Dan, and with it the title of Grand Master, on Master Greg Harding. For more pictures of the event, click here.

Grand Master Perez & Master Harding

Grand Master Perez & Master Harding

Black Belts - 2007

Back Row:  Mr. Doug Balkwell (1st Dan), Grand Master Rick Perez, Grand Master Greg Harding (8th Dan), Ms. Karen Berrns (1st Dan)
Middle Row:  Mr. Craig McAuley (2nd Dan), Mr. Richard Thiele (1st Dan)
Front Row:  Mr. Donald Knight (1st Dan), Mr. Cal Deobald (1st Dan), Mr. Glenn Peers (1st Dan) Mr. Darcy Thiele (3rd Dan)
Missing:  Mr. Kevin Punchon (1st Dan)



2007-04-28 - Ms. Berrns Achieves First Dan

Congratulations, Ms. Berrns!

On April 28, 2007, Ms. Berrns achieved the rank of first dan black belt.  For more pictures of the event, click here.

Certificate Presentation

Mr. Thiele & Ms. Berrns

RIOKK Black Belts

Ms. Berrns, Mr. Deobald, Mr. Peers, Mr. Darcy Thiele, Master Harding, Mr. Punchon, Mr. Balkwell, Mr. Richard Thiele.

Karen & Mr. Richard Thiele


RIOKK Photo Gallery

Best of 2019

Under the guidance of Grand Master Harding, beginner and intermediate sessions ran until Christmas time.  Congratulations to all those who worked and trained hard this year.





2019 - Fall Session Photo Gallery

Best of 2019

Under the guidance of Grand Master Harding, beginner and intermediate sessions ran until Christmas time.  Congratulations to all those who worked and trained hard this year.






2016-04-29 Spring Session Photo Gallery





2016-03-03 Beginner Class

 2016-03-03 Beginner / Intermediate class 






2016-03-29 Spring - Beginner Class Promotions


 Beginner class promotions (March 2016)

Congratulations to the beginner students who have been working so hard!  Below, the new yellow belts, the new yellow stripe students, and the new orange stripe and orange belts.  Well done!


2015-03-29 - Beginner Class Promotions


Below: New orange stripe / orange belts (March 2015)

Below: New orange belt (March 2015)

Below: A new yellow stripe (March 2015)

Below: New orange belts (March 2015)

Below: New orange belt (March 2015)






2015-3-28 Last class of the winter session

 The last "Beginner" class of the January - March session.

(March 28th 2015)

The intermediate and adult students practice their technique: